Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, Part- 2 | Niche Site creation

If you are looking for, how to make money with Amazon Affiliate program, then this episode is very important for you. Today, I’m discussing the main method for amazon affiliate marketing for beginners, which is creating a niche website.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Promoting products with a niche website is a popular and effective method for affiliate marketing on Amazon. In the last episode, we decided that we would create a niche site and start working on Amazon associates Program. For those who haven’t read the previous episode, You can read the previous episode Amazon Affiliate Marketing part-1. The website is created based on one or more specific products review is called a niche site.

Content Strategy for Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

Single product niche sites are usually made up of a small number of articles. That means you can run a web site with 15/20 articles.

So you can create s nice website within a short time and effort. So we will start working with a single niche website on a specific product. I have divided the tasks of creating a niche site into 7 steps. For example, if your niche is a coffee maker, then the top 10 coffee makers may have a pillar content first. After that, a website can be run with different review content on each product and some info contents. More articles can be added later, depending on the brand, such as 10 Best BLACK + Deck Coffee Makers 2020.

Note: Coffee Maker is a highly competitive niche, it’s not for beginners. I just used it as an example.

You can create multi-niche websites if you want. Then you need to make a website on a category, for example, Kitchen Appliance. Here you can write about all the products used in the kitchen, and you can promote them. However, many articles are required on multi-niche websites or authority sites.

If you make a multi-niche site, you can earn a good income from Google Adsense also.

Steps to Create a niche Website

I have divided the steps of creating a niche website into seven parts, which is described below.

  1. Choose a product
  2. Keyword research
  3. Domain selection
  4. Buy Domain and Hosting
  5. WordPress installation
  6. Theme customization and plugin
  7. On-page SEO

1. Choose a product

Finally, you are going to create a niche site, among many products on the market, which product will you work with? Or what is the way of product selection? Many people lose the courage to go to work because of those worries. Amazon has many products and services. You can choose any product in many categories.

However, some alertness should be taken in the selection of products, which are discussed below.

Product Price and Search value

However, it is important to have some idea about product choice in the initial stage. For example, the product you choose should be priced between a minimum of $50-$350 or more valuable product but not less than $50. And it is better if the search value of the main keyword of that product is between 800-2000.

The main keyword can be Best + (Product Name) or (Product Name) + Review. That is, you can write Best before the name of the product or reviews after the name and check the search volume for the keyword. In other words, if your product is ‘Coffee Maker’, then your main keyword may be ‘Best Coffee Maker’. If you can choose the right product, you can achieve success in less competition.

Finding Product

Okay, let’s go to to find your desired product, which you’ll promote from your website. Now, click the dropdown button from the left side of the search bar to browse product category wise and select the home and kitchen niche like the image below. After selecting the category, click the search button from the right side of the search bar. Now select a subcategory from the left sidebar and you’ll see more subcategories. Now select one and go to a single product, like a coffee maker.

Product selection for Amazon Affiliate Marketing
Product selection for Amazon Affiliate Marketing

To find products that are easy to rank, you can find many products in this way from various categories. Now, you have to find some low competitive keywords for your product. See, keyword research step to know more product select that can easily rank on the top page on Google.

Initial Tools for Product Selection

Initially, you can do product sorting with two free Choorom browser extensions, which is SEOquake, Keyword Surfer. Keyword Surfer will help you to know CPC and search value of any keyword when you’ll search it on google and SEOquck will show other information of a website such as Alexa rank, Number of index pages, Backlinks, etc. See the image below…

Product Selection
Product Selection

Remember, you are a content marketer, so you have to know who is your competitor. Basically, an E-commerce website is not your competitor. You have to write review content for a product or service to sell to your website traffic. So, find out the competitor from the search result and go to that website. Now click the SEOquck extension from the top left corner of your browser. Then you’ll see an interface like the below image, where you can see all information about the website.

Website information
Website information

In this section, you can learn about the performance of a website, and you will understand what effort is required to rank your website on Google search engine with that product. So, take a huge time to find out a good product.

2. Keyword Research

So, now our main task is to find keywords that can easily rank articles on that particular product. Past history has shown that many projects have gone to hell due to improper keyword research. Keyword research is the most important task for Amazon affiliate marketing program.

How Research Keywords?

Basically, major keyword research and product selection have to be done together, because, articles will rank on your keywords.

You can type in the keyword and search on Google to see the content quality and the backlink profile for that website that are ranked in that keyword. Leaving YouTube, Quora, or Medium type of websites behind and ranking in Google is not a difficult task. This is one of the benefits of content marketing.

You need to have one or more main buying keywords for a niche site. The search volume for the main keyword must be at least 1000. The maximum earning of your entire site will be through this keyword.
For example, the main buying keyword is Best Coffee Maker or Best Coffee Maker Reviews.

In addition, there should be 5-10 secondary buying keywords. These range from a minimum of 100-200 in the search volume to whatever you may be happy with. For example, Best Coffee Maker 2020, Best Coffee Maker to buy, etc.

Use Keyword Research Tools

Remember, the higher the search volume of a keyword, the higher the competition, which may not be the right decision for you as a new marketer. I use SEMRush for keyword research. It’s one of the most power full SEO tools for many tasks, such as keyword research, Backlink analysis, domain analysis, competitor analysis, keyword rank, and more. It can be used for free with limited rights. However, you can use the trial for 7 days without any fee. Try the SEMRush for free trial demo.

Also, you can use Ubersuggest too. But, it’s so limited for free use a day.

You can read the Amazon Keyword Research Hacks book, which will give you a complete guide on keyword research. Also, for keyword collection, you can hire skilled workers.

3. Domain Selection for Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Our product has been selected. Now the task is to find a domain on the name of the product. Most of the time, you will not find a good domain according to the name of the product or maintaining the main keyword. So you have to buy Domain with the exact match on the name of the product. For example, if your keyword is Best Coffee Maker, then this domain is the best of all. But it is difficult to get such a domain. So, you can add one additional word with your product name. E.g.,

First, we find the name; a domain registration will be available for free during hosting registration. Then I will do the domain registration. So, go to or and search for a suitable domain name for your website.

4. Select Hosting

In the beginning, it is better to take shared hosting for you. Also, the niche site does not require so many visitors. So shared hosting is enough to make your niche website. Since you can’t invest much in the initial stage, but you have to choose a perfect web hosting with good speed and security system.

There is an offer in Hostgator for shared hosting. But, if you want to buy a low budget hosting plan, you can buy a Namecheap plan. Most hosting providers will provide a free domain for one year if you buy a hosting plan. And three sites can be hosted there. That means they are giving newcomers a special opportunity to create sites. To get better performance and speed, I’ll recommend you to buy Hostgator shared hosting plan.

If you can rank a site within a year, you can change the hosting plan from shared to VPS/dedicated server or another hosting if you want.

Buy Hosting Plan

However, good web hosting is a very important thing for your website, because it may affect your ranking factor. So, go to and select the web hosting menu. Now, you will see such a page as the image below. Choose your favorite plan, you should have chosen the first one. You should buy the baby plan, where you can host unlimited domains.

Hostgator Shared web hosting
Hostgator Shared web hosting

Now, click the Buy Now button this action you are taken to the next page, where you will register your chosen domain. Or if you already have a registered domain, then input the domain by clicking on the “I Already Own This Domain” option. After that, you have to provide all the information. Purchase hosting for at least 1 year, however, if you buy for 3 years, the amount of discount will be more.

Also, you may add some additional services for security and backup.

Additional Services
Additional Services

After filling out the form with your information, click the check out button below to complete the order. After a while, your hosting will be active to use.

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5. WordPress installed

The most popular platform for creating web sites is WordPress, which can be easily customized and optimized. So we will work with WordPress. And everything can be done very easily in WordPress. No need to know any kind of coding and it is also very easy to install.

Your hosting provider will give you the address of a cPanel. Okay, now login to your cPanel with your username and password and scroll down to find out the auto-installer option to your cPanel and click the WordPress installer button from the popular links menu or click the ‘QuickInstall’ icon from the ‘Software’ menu.

HostGator cPanel
HostGator cPanel

Since we have added a domain when buying hosting, there is no need to add a new domain. Also, if you already have a web site, you must know how to install WordPress into hosting.

After clicking the WordPress menu, you will see the new interface like the image below. Now click the WordPress icon of the FREE button.

Install WordPress
Install WordPress

Click Auto installer button and select your domain, if you have only one domain, you have found it automatically to install the WordPress for your website.

Chose the domain
Chose the domain

On the next page, you have to provide some informations for your website, such as blog title, your name, user name, and admin email and click ‘install now’ button. Please, see the image…

Blog info
Blog info

Okay, now click next and you see a new interface like the below image. It may take some time to install. When all the work is done, you will receive an email with a WordPress dashboard link, username, password ‍and you can log in to WordPress.

confirmation mail

6. Theme customization and plugins

So, you have done your WordPress installation, now you have to use a good theme to create a professional look website. You also need to install the necessary plugins.

Install Theme

Now let’s come to the point of the theme. There is a lot of curiosity about the theme, which theme will I use, free theme, or paid theme. However, you can also use a free theme for you in the initial stage. However, to get a better speed of your website and easy customization, you should use a paid theme. It is very important for avoiding coding errors. You can use the Alsen light theme or the Peak theme.

Customization for Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Please, see the video for the customization of your WordPress theme and other information.

Since we are creating a single niche site, our home page will be a static page with large pillar content and the blog section will be on a separate page. So create mandatory pages, such as About Us, Contract Us, Home, Blog, and Privacy Policy.

Theme Customization home page
Theme Customization home page


For now, we only have these plugins. Being a static home page, no page builder is required. Plugins are bellow…

  • WP Super Cache
  • Yoast SEO
  • Akismet Anti-Spam
  • Table of contents plus
  • Limit Login Attempts Reloaded
  • Smush – Compress, Image Optimizer, Lazy Load, WebP Images

On the other hand, if there is any plugin for hosting provider door security purpose, it should also be taken.

7. On-Page SEO for Amazon Affiliate Program

At this stage, before publishing the article on the site, you have to do the SEO work inside the website. On-page SEO requires you to perform all the tasks inside your website, such as submitting the site to the webmaster, mentioning site issues, creating site maps, and all other functions.

The SEO Yoast plugin for on-page SEO is the most popular. And through this, you can easily do the SEO work of your website. Please, see the video to do the task properly.

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Basically, as much as there is talk about Amazon affiliate marketing, it can’t be fully explained by writing articles. More can be learned from direct or video conversations. Or some discussion may come up through your question.

However, many of the discussions here have been in a very brief form. Not everything is possible due to a lack of time. It is necessary to write detailed articles on several of these topics. Stay with us, I hope I will try to give you those writings.

Nest episode I’ll discuss off-page SEO plan and Amazon associates partner sign up process. Those who haven’t read the first episode of Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners can read it.

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