Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginner, Part- 1 | The Initial Idea

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a work that allows you to sell a service or product of another organization to a buyer and get a commission at a fixed rate.

That is, an affiliate marketer has no product. The main task is to encourage the buyers to sell the products of any other company, in order to sell them according to the requirement of the company.

Most people in today’s world rely on online services. It wants to do everything online, from buying products. As a result, manufacturers resort to online markets to sell their products.

On the other hand, the approval of an affiliate for the sale of a product is just a special strategy to increase the sales of the manufacturer. Through this, it is possible to sell more quantity of products.

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing and why?

Amazon is the world’s leading e-commerce platform with millions of products and services. Everything for human daily use is available here. On the other hand, Amazon has also launched ‘Amazon Affiliate Program‘ to increase their product marketing and sales. And every affiliate marketer is called an Amazon Associate Partner.

At present, there is no product that is not available on Amazon. So, you can easily work with products according to your convenience, out of their innumerable products.

So now Amazon is a potential marketplace, where you can build a lasting position in a short period of time with your hard work and talent.

Amazon is one of the most famous brands in the world. People do not have to worry about buying goods from here and there is no possibility of anyone being harassed. As a result, people can buy goods with confidence. And, the scope of its business is so large that its services are now spread in almost all countries of the world. So anyone can easily trust Amazon.

Also, no matter what product you work with on Amazon, after any buyer goes to Amazon from your promotional link, you will receive a commission on everything the buyer buys. Not only that, if the buyer purchases any product within 24 hours, you will get his commission. This means that if someone goes to Amazon from your referral link and makes a purchase within 24 hours, Amazon will pay you a commission on it. In the case of special links it uses a maximum of 90 days of cookies. So the Amazon affiliate program is one of the best and most profitable for online marketers.

What is the Amazon Commission rate?

Well, the commission rate on Amazon is lower than other marketplaces. But even then, Amazon is the most profitable. This is because, in most marketplaces, product sales conversion rate is low. That is, despite the fact that there is traffic, but there is not much conversion. Or even, you can’t expect to sell any product other than the one for which the marketer has affiliate.

On the other hand, if you working properly with the Amazon affiliate program, you can lead up to 15% conversions. So even if the commission is less here, the income of the marketers is not likely to be less but it is profitable.

The Amazon Affiliate Program commission chart is below. Read more

Amazon Affiliate Program Commission rates
Amazon Affiliate Program Commission rates

How to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

In general, you can do three things for Amazon Affiliate Marketing. E.g.

  1. Create a niche site.
  2. He created the Amazon Store
  3. Via YouTube video

I am discussing each of the methods below.

1. Niche site

Niche site is a web site created for the promotion of a particular product and service. For example, if you create a site with all the information on any of Amazon’s products, it is called a niche web site, which is made with a single product in a small category on Amazon. For example, a coffee maker is a niche. That is, the Home & Garden category, a small niche in the kitchen appliances section, is the coffee maker.

In the same way, a separate web site on each product is called a niche site. And this site will have all the information about the product. This way you can sell the product with the link of Amazon product on your niche site.

However, if the work is done on a slightly larger scale, creating a site with many products on the main category, it is called a multi-niche website. These are also called authority web sites.

Many products are written on the authority’s website. However, in the initial stage, it will be fruitful for you not to work with multi-niche, and then the project is likely to fail. Because this kind of site is very expensive and you have to use many efforts, and many articles have to be posted.

On the other hand, the authority site also has facilities. For example, in the case of niche sites, if it is not possible to get site ranking, then all the plans fail. And on the authority site, it will be possible to rank the site through one or another product, hopefully.

2. Creates the Amazon Store

Amazon Store means you can create your own e-commerce site with products from Amazon. That means you can create your own store, where you can sell Amazon products. Like all other e-commerce sites, people can purchase products from your website. The buyer will be redirected to Amazon’s payment option for payment and shipment only. Generally speaking, the buyer will collect products from your site to purchase. And the payment page will be Amazon’s. You will get your commission only if the product is sold and shipped.

Basically, it is a costly marketing process that does not bring much benefit to new marketers. Because, to create an Amazon store, you have to work with paid traffic. So to do this kind of work, it is not profitable for him to work in paid traffic without a skilled marketer.

3. Through YouTube video

YouTube is the most popular social media in the world today. Through which anyone can share their videos, which is very effective for product promotion and Ad revenue.

So, it is also possible to do Amazon affiliate marketing through YouTube videos. It is not usually very popular with marketers in Bangladesh. However, marketers in many countries of the world have been marketing through YouTube videos. However, to promote a product through YouTube videos, you have to create high-quality videos. If you can’t create good quality videos, it’s not possible to do Amazon affiliate marketing from YouTube.

What process will you work on?

As a new affiliate marketer, I think the best way to build a niche site is to work on Amazon. And a huge number of people globally are working on creating niche websites.

So we can decide that by creating a niche site, we are going to start Amazon affiliate marketing. Do you agree with me?

Creating a single niche site is less expensive and less risky. I will discuss all the processes of creating niche site through this program.

How Much Money Does an Amazon Affiliate Make?

If you plan properly and do the work, you can easily earn at least 200-500 dollars per month. After understanding the position, you can understand for yourself how much income is possible.


In the above articles I have tried to give some basic ideas about Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Hope everybody understands.

In the next episode, I will show you what you need to do to make a site, that is, the steps to create a niche website. Our next task will be to create a niche website for Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

If you have trouble understanding the above discussions, please comment. Read: Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners part-2

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