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Article writing strategy – How to write an article easily

Article writing strategy

Nowadays, article writing is important for a website of blog. It’s a great way to online marketing and promotes a business.

We can see worldwide, article writing is a good positive profession.  On the other hand, many people spend a lot of money to write an article for his blog or product.

Can you think, you can to write your article from you own experience by some practices?

Yes, you’ll can to write an article easy just follow my Easy article writing strategy.

Ok, now I’d like to discuss how to write an article. It’s so much noticeable matter for article writing.  What things should we include in an article? Simply, we should provide all real data about the subject of the article. Fro example, you want to write an article about Affiliate marketing. So, ad first you have to collect all data about affiliate marketing.

Notice that, all articles is approximately similar. just writing style is different and add some special data according to market update.

Why your article will read?

Ok, now I’m removing this confusion about this matter. Everything is becoming update day by day. So everybody is searching all update data about his learning subject.

How start to write articles?

Now come to the main point. To an article, at first, find our all step of the article. like an introduction,  discussion, process etc. After that, write details of your all step.

Readability score:

Article readability score is so essential for an article. See article readability score is bellow

Score         Note

90-100  Easy, Readable to 11 years old student.

60-70   Medium, readable 13-15 years old student.

0-30  Defficult, understood by nuivercicy graduates.

Readability score 60-70 is best for an article. So It’s easy for a new writer.

Watch the video to learn, How to check article readability

Some important things for article writing:

Some important things you should know for writing an article. So, read it attentively.

  1. Choose a proper title for your post. If you can to use google ad words, find out some keyword which you can to use in your article. To know how to find out your keyword by using google ad words .
  2. At fast find out all step, which you want to discuss your article. Like Interdiction, discussion, etc. Then you’ll start to write then you can to discuss all meter step by step.
  3. Spend dabble time to write an article. Because you are not a professional writer. Mind it, day by day you’ll become a professional writer. Then you’ll can to write all kinds of article.
  4. You can use some software to check grammar for free from grammatical mistake. It helps to become first ranking in the scarce engine.
  5. Use passive voice under 10%. It’s better for search Engine.
  6. Use some example with provide to get attention by the reader. You have to use unique image into your article. It’s easy to do. Download image from google and some modify it by using paint on you PC.

Now, I’m recommending you to start writing. Try hard and analysis other similar articles. It’s motived you to start writing.

Best of luck.


  1. I guess finding useful, reliable inrotmafion on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

  2. Good job done. Keep it up. I’ll be waiting for new article.

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