How to Backup Blogger Posts or Content

How to Backup Blogger Posts or Content

Hello friends, are you want to know how to backup blogger posts? Well, today I’d like to show you a full guide with pictures to Backup your Blogger blog Content.

For security reasons, we should keep a backup file of our blog posts or data. On the other hand, if you want to migrate your blog BlogSpot to another platform or one blogger to another blogger, then you have to import your blog posts buck up. 

Backup Blogger Posts 

Today we’ll download blog posts as a backup file. To do this please, follow these steps

Step 1: Login into your blog and go to Blogger Setting.

How to Backup Blogger Posts

Step 2: Now scroll down and find the Manage Blog section. Click the “import content”.

Step 3: Finally choose your download location and save the file.


Try to ensure your blog backup continuously and keep your blog content losing or from hackers.

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