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Do You Want to Know, How to find saved jobs on Linkedin? Let’s Get Started

How to find saved jobs on Linkedin?

All we know that LinkedIn is one of the effective platforms to find any job, and it also a popular and trusted social media platform for professionals. So, it’s natural that there is a large opportunity to hind a targeted job. Most of the time as a linked user we are finding a job or hours on LinkedIn and sometimes saved it for future applications.  Many users often ask me, how to find saved jobs on Linkedin? Yes, I know, several times you have to face this problem to find the saved jobs. Ok, today I’ll help you to do this task properly.

With the save jobs system on LinkedIn, you can save any job to apply for next time. It’s a useful and advanced feature, which helps though users, who searching for a job. But, many people are getting confused to view saved jobs LinkedIn. It’s so easy; you can find the LinkedIn saved jobs page within a short time. Please, let me explain, where to find saved jobs on LinkedIn.

Finding Saved Jobs:

Here is the deferent system to find out saved jobs for Mobile or Desktop.  At first, I want to show you the mobile system. It’s easier than the desktop.

Mobile Method

So, Open your LinkedIn account on the phone and click the jobs button from the right corner side of the bottom. See the image. Now, you are in the job section.

Now, you’ll find out the “Saved job” button on the top of the screen. You can also see here your applied job section and you can see your applied job too.

Click the “Save job” button, like the image below. I’ve one saved job right now.   

Desktop Method

Now, I want to discuss, how you can find you save jobs by Desktop. Log in to your LinkedIn account. Look at the top menu bar, you’ll see the Jobs icon, like the image below and click the button.

Here you can see the “Track my jobs” button. See the marked image and click there.

After click the button, you’ll see you saved job list.

Finally, I think, now you can understand to find out your saved job list properly. If you want to remove your saved job from your list, just press the unsaved button and it will be removed.

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