How to Delete iMessage App on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Today I’m going to share with you a new topic that how to delete iMessage app on iPhone, iPad, and iPod permanently. Many users are facing some problems with the iMessage app like unclear settings, hidden controls system. Though the iMessage app has a lot of facilities, there have some limitations also that you might dislike several times.

For this reason, many users asked me about how to delete the iMessage app that he/she previously installed. The section of my blog is for you to ask me various questions about social media information, technical issues, or various apps information.

According to your problems, I’ll try to write my next post. Today, I’d like to discuss with you to help completely delete the iMessage app from your phone. And it’s not so hard to do, just follow my simple steps.

How to Delete iMessage App

There is tow way to completely remove the app and I’m going to discuss those two methods step by step.

1. Completely delete iMessage app from your phone

Follow the below steps

First of all, open your iMessage application and open a new conversation from the top bar.

Delete iMessages app

Now, you can see the Apps icon on the left bottom, now tap there.

Select iMessages app

Choose what app you want to delete and long tap the app

Delete iMessages

Simply delete just like other apps on your hone
This one is probably the right strategy to delete all apps from your phone that you previously installed without your consent.

2. Remove apps from iMessage

Here is an opportunity to remove the iMessage app that allows you to delete the apps from iMessage but you can keep it on your phone. So, you can restore those apps again that you deleted previously. Follow the below steps to do this task….

• Open your iMessage app and tap the blue store button from the overview panel
• Then tap the “Manage” tab to manage your apps
• Now you can reactive any app which you want to remove
• Done

How to Restore deleted iMessage

If you want to get back your previously deleted apps on your phone, you can restore them from your iTunes/App store account purchases history.
Sometimes you may feel the necessity of the previous apps, so this feature will help you to restore those apps again.


Finally, I hope you have been enjoyed my post and now you can solve the problem. Feel free to command your opinion for the article and inspire me for the nest.

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