How to get Instagram Dark Mode for Android and iPhone

Instagram dark mode became more popular as an alternative color that replaced its usual white color interface. Many users want to get this feature on their android, or IOS mobile. But, sometimes they have faced some problems to shift Instagram to dark mode.

So, today I want to describe the importance of dark mode on Instagram and how you can get in mobiles or PCs. But there is no available Instagram dark mode APK file for android or iOS. Basically, it works with the settings option of your phone.

How to get Instagram Dark Mode

If you use your mobile apps with dark mode, it can reduce extra brightness and save charge to increase the battery life of your phone, because black pixels reduce power consumption than the white ones. Especially phones with AMOLED screens have black pixels switched.

On the other hand, many users feel better with dark mode, and they think it can reduce eye strain from reducing glare, especially at night. It’s also known as Instagram night mode.

Finally, the dark mode of Instagram is looking good, and after comes this feature we use every day, you have the choice right to switch any mode. However, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype all offer night mode facilities, so Instagram is also with them.

As head of Instagram Adam Mosseri launched it in October 2019, and to get this feature, the required version of the mobile operating system is the latest version, that’s Android 10 or iOS 13. Keep an eye on our blog, if we get Instagram dark mode update information for other versions, we will include full instructions to switch. 

So, let’s get started to change the Instagram interface for reliable use.

How to get Instagram night mode for iPhone

If your iPhone is running iOS 13, then you can follow those steps to change your app interface and you’ll be able to use Instagram in dark mode.

  1. First of all, Open settings on your phone
  2. Select Display and brightness option from the list
  3. Tap the Dark option to change the theme
  4. Then lunch Instagram, dome

How to get Instagram night mode for Android

If you want to get it for your android operating system, you need the phone that is running Android 10 and follow these steps.

  1. Open setting on your android phone
  2. Scroll down and select Display option
  3. Then active the “Dark theme” function
  4. Finally, lunch Instagram app
  5. Enjoy

A different way to save power in Instagram

If your mobile operating system is not Android 10 or iOS 13 at all, still you can reduce consuming your mobile data and power while you’re using Instagram. The application pre-loads images and videos when you’re scrolling, but you can limit it to reduce your data and power-consuming.

  1.  First of all open Instagram app
  2. Then tap the ‘Profile icon at the bottom right of the app
  3. Now tap the ‘Menu’ icon from the top right corner.
  4. Here you can see the ‘setting’ function, tap there.
  5. Now tap the ‘account’ icon then you find the ‘Cellular Data Use’ option and tap it.
  6. Now toggle ‘Data Saver’ on from the use Less data option.

It will help you to prevent preload images and videos, so you can download them only after choosing.


1. Is Instagram dark mode available for android mobile?

Answer: Yes, it’s available for android, but need Android 10 or upper version.

2. Is there a dark theme for Instagram app for android or iOS?

Answer: It launched the dark theme in October 2019.

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