How to Make Money From Facebook Page? Best 6 Methods

How to Make Money from Facebook Page?

It’s well-known to everybody that Facebook is the most popular social media platform of modern globalization. It has more than 2.5 million monthly users, who spend a lot of time with Facebook. And it’s also popular online media for people to communicate, socialize, and staying in touch with friends and family. From chatting to business, everything is happening from the media. Farther, the Facebook page is a great advantage for public figures, business, or brands. Here is a common question, I recently heard that How to make money from Facebook page?

As a blogger, I have to face this question, can you make money with your Facebook page. In a word, my answer is yes. Please, let me explain the details properly. Today I’m coming with a new topic, which is the money-making formula with Facebook page. First, you need to have a large number of followers on your Facebook page.

It allows the user to post text, video, audio, picture content on the page of social media. The good news is for the user that they can make money with Facebook. Here is also possible to earn money without investing like monetization of your video content. There are also many opportunities.

Here, I’ll discuss 6 methods to make money from your Facebook page. It is not possible to show the techniques of all subjects through one article. So, I am presenting the main discussion. Gradually I will write an article about each topic widely with the most effective plan. Hope you stay with us.

Top 6 methods to earn from your fan page:

I think you already know how to use the Facebook fan page. Let’s go straight to the point. and notice the methods attentively.

1. Sell your own product or service:

You can promote your own product or service. If you have any product or service then this is one of the best methods to make money from Facebook. You can offer your products and promote them. And it may a good place to increase your overall sales.

Digital product or physical product, you can promote anything. For example, I think you want to promote a digital product such as Photography, eBooks, or designing service and your digital product price is $30 or $30-$50. It’s a better option to earn huge money with this product. Though you can offer a more valuable product if you have a proper capacity for example software or mobile apps. 

So here you may require a landing page. You can use many platforms to make a good landing page. Basically, I’m using the most popular funnel the Leadpages and Click Funnels. The landing page can increase you sell a lot. Just you should know how to promote it on Facebook.

To increase your sales, you have to start sending your page readers to your landing page or squeeze page. Also, add your squeeze page link to your fan page as a “Learn More” button and add a website option.

  • You can do some tasks like this, to get huge traffic to your squeeze page.
  • You can link directly to the squeeze page from the post.
  • Add links to previous viral posts.
  • Add link as a button from your page such as “Sing up”, or “Learn more” button.
  • Write a short description of your service and post a link there.
  • Add the link from about option on your page.

Now you can advertise your product or service from the fan page and it will be the best way to make a large amount of money.

2. Advertisements on Your Blog

If you are a blogger then you can make huge money form a fan page. You can drive your Facebook page readers to your blog. On the other hand, as a blogger, you already well know as Google AdSense ad network, and it may the best choice to earn money from a blog site. So, you can work with Google AdSense and get paid a royalty income after clicking on the ad by the traffic.

So, it’s naturally that if you can drive your fan page traffic to your blog, your income will increase a lot. But your blog should have a proper and high-quality article for user satisfaction, it also helps to rank your website for a low bounce rate. You can read the article writing strategy to make your article writing skills. It is one of the arts, you can expect a lot of money if you can prodding a good article with the best information.

You can expect at least $200 per year from a high-quality article. So, you need the best quality article. If you cannot write, you should buy. I can’t write all my blogs alone. So, I hire an article writer from Fiverr. You can try it, some writers provide their service with a low budget. As a blog post, you not required a large budget.

Facebook page a nice place to promote your blog post. Because you can share your post again and again. If a large number of flowers of your page really like your content, then they will share your post with their friends or page. So, it will increase your blog traffic and your income will be a boost.

If you do not get approval on the Google Ad Network, you can see the options, e.g, PropellerAds,, InfoLinks, etc. They are also quite good for a publisher.

3. Affiliate Commissions

Get paid with affiliate commission another best way to earn money from a Facebook page. Many large companies offer there product affiliations such as Amazon, ClickBank, JVZoo, Share-a-sale. They are high commission paying affiliate marketplaces with great conversion rates.

You can sign up on those popular platforms.  After that, you can promote their product and start selling.  For every sale from your promotion, you will get a % commission according to their commission rate. So, you can read their commission rate and payout details. I’ll recommend you to join ClickBank or JVZoo. Amazon Affiliate program will be best if you want to make a niche website.

Promoting Affiliate Offers on Facebook

If you post any offer with an affiliate link directly on your Facebook page, which will be not perfect. Users are less possibility to click your link. And Facebook authorities may restrict the posting of your account. So, you can choose a high commission payable product and promote it with the advertisement. It can return double money of investment. If you want to promote freeway, you have to use a landing page. The offer for a free trial period to create a landing page and you can create a page with it for free. You can try it to see the result.

On the other hand, you can promote offers with content marketing. Though it’s a long time process and it the best method for the Amazon Affiliate program.

Maximum top-level marketer used a landing page to promote the affiliate offer and niche website for Amazon affiliate marketing. Here is a Super Funnel Hero Give Away where he discusses the secrets of 6 figures side income with a free supper funnel.

Download free book to create best LandingPage.

4. Growing Your Email List

You can use your Facebook fan page to grow your email list and can make money with promoting offers. If you have any product or service to sell, you can mail with your product link. To build the email list, you can offer a free ebook to sign up button. After users signed up, send messages directly to the reader with your product links. You can also promote affiliate offers also.

You can earn money a long time from the list. Keep the email list in the archive, and send offers every 2/3 days. Also, you can share links to your blog posts. This will increase the visitors to your blog and increase the revenue from Google Adsense. However, you must keep the unsubscribe option on.

5. Link Shares

Many website owners want to drive more traffic to their website to promote business or make more money and they contact the Facebook page owners to promote their links for advertising revenue share.

It’s one of the easy and effective methods to income money for a page owner and many website owners drive many visitors to their website every day and page owners are getting a great feedback.

6. Monetizing you page video

It is a great way to income money from your fan page. If you have a popular Facebook fan page, then you can create video content for your page and able to make huge money. Recently, Facebook offers this method for the user. It’s Facebook’s own system.

You must pass the Facebook page monetization partner polices. You need to have a Facebook page (not profile) with a minimum of 10,000 followers and you have to generate in the last 60 days, at least 30,000 1-minute video views from your page that are minimum 3 minutes long. You must be at least 18 years old, otherwise, you will not be able to apply for monetization on your Facebook page.


Okay, I am the last stage of the article. I don’t want to prolong the discussion. Hopefully, the above information will be quite useful for you. So, obviously you can make money from your Facebook page.

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  1. Aadarsh Roy

    Hey earningtipss Blog ,

    Great post with effective methods to earn money from Facebook page. I truly like the methods that you
    have suggested.

    Facebook is one of a popular social platform with more than millions of user worldwide. It helps users to communicate and stay in touch with friends, family, and relatives, whereas this social platform is also great for promoting the business and to keep our work in front of huge public crowd.

    Selling the products or services, Doing advertisements on blog, joining high commission paying marketplaces, growing up an email list and monetizing the page video are effective methods to earn money through Facebook page. Affiliate marketing also works well, whereas many people are doing this affiliate marketing in their spare time and earning a good commission through it. Affiliate marketing platform provides an opportunity to earn good commission just by selling others company products. Hence promoting an affiliate products on Facebook page will be helpful and also helps to generate good money.

    As this post will help several users, people and readers who want to make money by using their Facebook page.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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