How to Make Money from Facebook, A Briefing with 10 Best Ways

If you are an ordinary job holder or no earner and want to make some extra money at home, then Facebook may be a great platform for you to earn money as a small business. In this episode, I’d like to discuss how to make money from Facebook.

In today’s digital age everyone is becoming online dependent. for this reason, many people prefer to make money online. So, all we need is a common solution from where we will be able to earn a handsome amount. Facebook is the biggest social network that gave us a common platform from where we can earn a handsome amount even by not knowing any specific skill.

How to Make Money from Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform and maximum people using is only for social networking, recreation, or communication. But it may a great surprise for you that you can make money with Facebook at home.

Earnings can be made from both the Facebook page and profile. So, you have increase the quality of your Facebook profile and it’s the first impression to get started. You have to create a business looks profile with a professional quality profile picture and cover photo.

And if you want to make money from Facebook page, then you have to create a page. However, I’ll recommend you for creating a fan page to make money with Facebook, because can make a large income opportunity for you. Just you have to create a quality fan page and earned at least 20k fan and flowers, also you fan-flowers will be increase day by day. Then you can turn it into a money machine.

According to your plan, you may need to create a separate account. This means that your personal account and the business account will be different. Also, if you want, you can do everything from your personal profile.

What Can You Sell on Facebook?

Almost everything you can sell on Facebook without illegal products or medicine. You can sell your secondhand items, ebooks, handmade items, others any products.

But you cannot sell on Facebook is Illicit drugs, alcohol, Tobacco, Animals, Firearms, some healthcare products, real money gambling products, etc.

In other words, all the products that you can buy in the local store can be bought and sold on Facebook.

10 Ways to Make Money with Facebook

So, let’s jump to some ways of making money online from Facebook.

1. By Facebook post:

The easiest way to earn from Facebook is to give a post on your wall to sell something. Through the post, your friends, flowers, and other general public will be able to see the things you want to sell and will contact you to buy.

Make moeny with Facebook post
Make moeny by Facebook post

2. Creating Facebook page or group:

If you want to make a constant source of earning on Facebook then creating a Facebook page or group is the best solution. If you browse Facebook now, you will see thousands of Facebook pages and groups where millions of members are added and products are sold within minutes just after uploading. It’s because people are getting diverted into online day by day and Facebook is one of the biggest platform to buy and sell anything. So, what you can do is, create a page or group on Facebook and upload those items which have demand on the market. You will start earning. 

Creating Facebook page

Also, to increase your business Facebook has many options like boosting, targeting audience group, making online events, online fairs, and so on.

Make money with Creating Facebook page

3. Making Facebook ads

Another great way to earn on Facebook is to make ads. Facebook ad is potential for you in both ways; popularity and earning. If you make an ad for your own page, it will boost your page popularity & sales, and if you do it for someone else product or page; you will get paid. The common thing in both cases is Facebook ad always brings a new bunch of customers.

Make money with Facebook ads
Facebook ads

4. Making videos on Facebook:

A great way to increase your income within a short span of time is by making videos and posting it on Facebook. For example, you are a travel freak. Every time when you travel if you make videos and post it on your Facebook wall, people of similar taste will view your videos. Now here is the twist. If you promote any particular restaurant or hotel or food items or anything of a third party business (for commission) related to your travel or video; whenever a new customer will buy that product because of your promotion, you will get paid.

Earn money with Facebook video
Monetize Facebook video

5. Facebook live:

Nowadays all online business has focused on Facebook live. Because it fuels the sales incredibly and promotes your branding unimaginably.  So, if you love to interact with your customers directly in a digital manner, there is no other option than Facebook live. Either you do it for your own or for a 3rd party business, in both ways it will create your own identification in the customer’s mind. So, it’s needless to say that you will earn huge money as fast your followers will increase.

Facebook live
Earn money from Facebook live

6. Making reviews

If you are good at writing then you can also write reviews on different products. Again it will open a path for you to earn money. Because every time you write a review on a product, it will affect the sales of the product (if you have a good number of followers). So, for every sale referred by you will result in a commission to you. Again you are earning money.

Making reviews on facebook
Making reviews to earn money

7. Participating in Contest

There are different types of contests that go on Facebook all year round. You can take part in those contests and earn money. For example, A clothing brand page will ask you to add a maximum number of friends and win a coupon of 1000 bucks. It’s a good way of earning but the earning is not guaranteed every time.

Participating in Contest

8. Selling Facebook page:

If you want to know, how to make money with Facebook page, then this one method is one of them. Nowadays many business companies want readymade Facebook business pages. You can make different Facebook pages with a good number of followers. Then you can sell the page to 3rd party business company who want a fully-fledged page. The price of your page will depend on the number of your page followers. More the followers, the more the price.  Again through it, you can earn money.

Selling the Facebook page is also helps you to earn money easily. But, I cannot recommend you to use this method at all. Because someone will make money using the property you created, why not use your property yourself! It will be quite profitable if you do it for yourself.

9. Selling the likes:

Selling likes for a particular product is a lucrative way of earning instant cash. Nowadays most of the students are engaged in this. For instance, 1000 likes may cost 200 bucks. You can also do it as it is very handy and requires no skill.

10. Working as a social media manager:

If you are pro in the Facebook world, this profession is for you. You can work as a social media manager for a company. Globally many companies are looking for a social media manager to social media activities. Because in modern days, most of the corporate marketing is taking place in a digital manner and Facebook is the biggest platform in that. Your salary will depend on the skills that you owned. It is a fixed way of income.


However, Facebook is stretching its edge day by day. So, it’s needless to say that if we have the least internet connectivity, we must try at least any of the abovementioned ways to earn money which we suit most. In fact, why shouldn’t we?

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