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We are working on an educational blogger site. So, you should know the Privacy & Policy of our site. For more information contact us.

Dear Readers,

Every individual, material, region, or subject matter has a feature or condition. So, we have some conditions on this site and it is important to know all the instructions. So I’m writing the terms and conditions of our site by considering your facilities.

The condition for comment:

Here are some rules about how to comment on the post, below it was discussed in a gradual manner.

  • There can be no unimportant or uncomfortable comments, which are not related to the post. Then the comment can not be accepted.
  • You can mention your problem in the comments. You can report the issues that are difficult to understand.
  • If appropriate, the comments will be published along with the comments. And those links will be no follow.
  • In the case of Do follow Link, the user must be the registrar member of this site. And the site must be fully functional. And the website displayed for the link should be of good quality, such as the site can not have any spam record, the site should have good PA and DA, the site should be related to website and customer rating (optional).

Terms of the guest post:

We will be happy to guest post on our site. But there are some rules that must be followed.

  • The post will certainly be the registered user of this website.
  • Posts must be completely unique. No copies of the post can be accepted.
  • If submitting a copy post will not be accepted, the post will be reviewed and delete.
  • If the user deleted the copy, then the user will be banned from the posted site, then the user will be banned.
  • For do follow backlink from a guest post, your website must have to be related to this website. Can not have spam record. PA and DA should be good.
  • For guest post, you have to submit your article. After review, we’ll decide that if it’s publishable or not because we have to check article quality. To implement image into the post, just submit image link. I’ll generate it properly.


Hope all of you understand the terms. Therefore, these conditions are requested to work compliant. Thank you.