How to Remove Website from Ezoic

How to Remove Website from Ezoic

Dear readers, in today’s episode I will show you how to remove website from Ezoic. Hope you stay with us.

How to Remove Website from Ezoic

You will find many articles or videos on the internet about Ezoic for blog monetization and increasing blog revenue. Everyone there is positive about migrating website from Google Adsense to Ezoic. But no one reveals the complexity of Ezoic integration.

Generally, it is easy to place the Google AdSense ad code on the website. On the other hand, in case of Ezoic you need to add a few lines of code to your website, need to change nameservers, need to set your ads.txt file. After performing these actions your website search ranking is likely to decrease. In that case you can stop working with Ezoic if you want.

Follow the steps below to remove websites from Ezoic.

Disable Integration

First, login to your Ezoic account. Next go to Settings menu. To remove the website you need to de-integrate your website from Ezoic. Here you can see the Site Integration option. My web site is connected through Cloudflare. Click the Remove Cloudflare button. Make sure to remove Cloudflare in this dialog box.

Remove Website

Now you need to remove your website from Ezoic. Once de-integrated, the website cannot be removed from Ezoic instantly. Please wait 1-2 hours for approval.

I came back after 2 hours. Then go to the Settings menu and click on the Manage Sites button from the left sidebar.

Go to the Remove Sites tab from the Manage Sites side menu. Now click on remove site option. A new dialog box will open here. Select the website you want to remove and click the Confirm button.

Immediately your website will be removed from Ezoic.

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