how to make twitter dark mode

How to Make Twitter Dark Mode on Android, iPhone, or PC

To reducing the strain and glare of your eyes you should use the Twitter night mode feature. When you are scrolling your Twitter timeline at night, the special feature will make it more comfortable to read the feeds. However, some users have questions that how to make twitter dark mode?

Well, today I’d like to show you how to turn on Twitter night mode on Android, iPhone, or PC.

What is Twitter Night Mode?

Twitter night mode is a new black-looking interface for the app and web version that is a replacement for the usual bright white color to Black and gray. But why the feather is useful, and how you can enable it?

The Twitter dark mode is a purely attractive feature that changes the looks to the black color of the interface like the YouTube dark mode within on the web view or mobile application. It’s not adding any extra feature at all and doesn’t change the working system of the application.

How to Turn on Twitter Night Mode Android and iPhone

Dark mode of Twitter for Android and iOS comes with two modes such as Dark Blue Background (Named ‘Dim Mode’), and Black Background (Name ‘Light our’), which are designed according to AMOLED screen.

You can choose a suitable Mode that you like.

  • First of all, open the Twitter application on your Android or iOS mobile and slide out for the main menu or tap your profile picture from the top left corner.
  • Now scroll down and tap Settings and Privacy button
Enable Twitter dark mode
  • Then you’ll see a new interface and tap Display and sound option
Tap display and sound
  •  Tap the Dark mode option and you’ll see three options to choose the best one which you like. Tap Dim for dark blue interface or Light Out for dark black.
Select the night mode

Though at a time Light Out was only available for iOS users, recently it has been added to the Android application too. So, if you don’t find it on the menu, open your Apps manager from the phone settings. Then ‘Force Stop’ the Twitter app and clear the app data. Now re-launch the Twitter app and now the Light out mode should be available.

If you want to return your white interface, tap the dark mode option again. As before, you can go to the mode of your choice. Tap the Automatic dark mode system to get a Twitter regular white display during the day, and dark mode at night and evening.

Twitter Night mode for desktop

To enable the dark mode on the web browser, the Twitter website uses present color scheme settings that indicate the website is available in dark mode. Maximum modern web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Edge can detect this and display the right color.

You can enable the feature manually from your Twitter account setting option. If you want to get Twitter night mode for PC, follow the steps.

  • Open your web browser and log in to your Twitter account.
  • Now Click the ‘More’ button form the left menu. Then you’ll see a dialog box and click setting and privacy button.
  • Now click the ‘Accessibility, display, and language’ button. After that you’ll see the Display button and click on it.
Enable Twitter night mode on PC
  • Here you can select your font size, color and mode. Choose your favorite one form the Default, Dim, or Light out mode.
Select the mode
  • Enjoy.

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The Dark mode is a useful and popular feature that can help you to reduce your eyes strain. It’s also called night mode because it’s so effective for the night to reduce the oppression on your eyes from the harmful white brightness of your mobile screen. It also reduces your battery consumption and extends life. We found that the dark pixel uses less power than the white pixel. Many users feel better with the dark mode of social media interfaces like Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook.

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